The acoustic guitar is quite different to the acoustic classical guitar for a number of reasons. Like many things in life, not all guitars are created equal, and a classical guitar is little or no use for those who want to play rock music. That said a classical guitar is great for what it was made for. So, what are the differences between normal guitars and acoustic classical guitars?


The body of the two guitars is different in shape and though this is a slight difference there is still a change in aesthetic. The acoustic classical guitar usually is smaller than the normal guitar and also has a slightly different shape quite often – though this is not always the simplest way to tell the difference between the guitars.

Traditional guitars often have a scratch plate, which is used to protect the wood from a pick. This is a piece of plastic positioned beside the sound hole to prevent scraping of the wood.


Acoustic guitars have narrower fretboards than acoustic classical guitars. This is all down to facilitating a certain playing style. The acoustic classical guitar also seldom has dots on the fret boards in the same way the normal acoustic does. This is one of the easiest ways to determine what sort of guitar you are dealing with.


The stock or the head stock as it is known is usually the most obvious part in determining the sort of guitar you are dealing with. The head stock on the acoustic classical guitar looks very different to that of the traditional, and usually has empty space in the center to some degree. The traditional guitar stock is usually full in size and doesn’t have this area of negative space.


The strings are also a big tell-tale sign for those looking to understand the difference between the two sorts of guitars. The acoustic classical guitar has nylon strings usually. These are softer and feel lighter than the strings of the acoustic. These strings provide a rounded sound that is also more mellow that that of the acoustic.

The traditional acoustic has metal strings which provide a deep, heavier sound that is more in tune with the world of rock and heavier music. There is a notable difference between the two kinds of guitars in sound terms.


The acoustic classical guitar is often a lower cost than the acoustic guitar. In a lot of people’s case they end up purchasing one of these acoustic classical guitars instead of a proper acoustic when they first set out to play. As they are not for the same function it is essentially the wrong guitar to play heavier music on.

This guide should help you understand the differences between both types of guitars, and to choose the right sort if you are a new person to the guitar world. Of course, if you aren’t sure, just ask in the guitar shop, they’ll help.

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