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Things We Should All Know About the Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is one of the most distinctive styles of play you can learn, and it teaches numerous techniques which can be readily applied to other genres. Although there is a specific type of classical guitar (usually with nylon strings and a distinctive headstock), you can practice the style on any acoustic, or even with an electric if you don’t have another option.

Some Of The Best British Classical Guitarists

Great music article looking at some of the most notable British names in Classical Guitar playing past and present!

Taking Care Of Your Classical Guitar

A few tips on how to take care of your classical guitar; looking after the body, fretboard and strings of a classical guitar.

Acoustic Classical Guitar vs. Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is quite different to the acoustic classical guitar for a number of reasons. Like many things in life, not all guitars are created equal, and a classical guitar is little or no use for those who want to play rock music. That said a classical guitar is great for what it was made for.

Learn Classical Guitar – [YouTube Series]

If you’ve been here for a while then you know that some time ago I published a similar series about…

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