Want to Be Better at Guitar Playing? Practice at Fixed Hours

timerFor most people, guitar playing is a hobby. And as a hobby, it’s rather difficult to put any time constraints on the whole thing. I mean, it’s all about enjoying your playing time, right? Not about forcing yourself to practice at some specific hours.

However, introducing a fixed schedule has some benefits that are not all that visible at first. But before we can discuss the benefits…

How to set fixed hours for guitar playing

The idea is very simple. Start by determining how much time you want to spend on guitar playing every day, and then pick exact hours for your practices.

The most important part here is to dedicate yourself to this and remember to grab your guitar when the time comes no matter what.

This may sound silly, but it’s actually one of the simplest tricks to improve your skills significantly over a short period of time. It’s all about teaching your body what are the times when you need your guitar playing skills the most.

Picture this, if you play your guitar at random hours then don’t be surprised that some of your playing sessions are much better than the others. It’s simply that your body is not always ready for guitar playing, but if you set specific practice hours, you’ll change this pretty quickly.

Guitar playing is much like any other sport. Yes, sport (you’re using your hands for guitar playing, right? So it is a purely physical exercise then). Now, when a boxer prepares for a big fight, they usually set their workouts to take place at the exact hours that the fight is going to take place, only so they can be at their top performance when the time comes.

Guitar playing is very similar in that matter. Fixed hours of practicing will allow you to be prepared every time you grab your guitar, so you can focus on improving your skills instead of fighting the initial resistance and inefficiency.

In essence, getting through the initial struggle is our main obstacle as guitar players. Once we find a way around it, we can enjoy our instruments a lot more than before.

How to deal with emergencies

There are times when an emergency hits us and we can’t practice normally according to the schedule. Then what? From my experience, it’s best to simply skip this practice instead of moving it to another hour.

Remember that the point is to make your body accustomed to the hours, not to change them whenever you feel like it.

If you’ve skipped a practice, just return to your normal schedule the next day like nothing ever happened.

Over time, you will notice that your skills have improved noticeably. Just give it some time. Don’t expect wonders overnight, this is no magic solution, it still requires hard and dedicated work. Besides, it’s not like you risk anything by trying this approach out.

Don’t forget to shoot me a comment once you’ve tested this. I’m curious to know what your results are.

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