5 Secrets to Becoming a Great Jazz Guitarist

If you are really passionate about jazz music then you might want to consider becoming a jazz guitarist. These five secrets below can make the learning process a little bit easier for you and help you reach the level of jazz guitar mastery you desire.

6 Great Apps For Learning Guitar

Gone are the days when you need to go out and take private lessons, or buy a paperback guide to learn the guitar. The mobile revolution has introduced a wave of incredibly powerful, interactive apps for budding guitarists all over the world to learn guitar theory and technique.

Things We Should All Know About the Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is one of the most distinctive styles of play you can learn, and it teaches numerous techniques which can be readily applied to other genres. Although there is a specific type of classical guitar (usually with nylon strings and a distinctive headstock), you can practice the style on any acoustic, or even with an electric if you don’t have another option.