When selling a guitar, chances are, you want it to go to a good new home at the right price. Your guitar may have been with you for many years and you’re probably not keen to see it go, but you need the extra cash.


When selling your guitar, there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure that you get the very best deal and a quick sale.

Understand what you’re selling

You should have thorough knowledge of your instrument in order to provide buyers with a detailed description of your guitar. Guitar players tend to know exactly what they are looking for, so the more information, the better. You should include details of the guitar make, guitar model, the materials it is made from, the material on the fret board, whether it is laminated, whether there are any upgrades which could make the guitar more appealing and what kind of finish the guitar has.

By accidentally omitting any details, a buyer could choose another guitar over yours, simply because they didn’t realize that your guitar has what they are looking for. If buyers are traveling a significant distance to check out your guitar, it is important to instill confidence in that buyer. If the buyer has too many questions, they may choose another guitar over yours where the listing gives a full picture of what can be expected.

Don’t withhold information about damage

If there are any flaws on the instrument, be honest. It is bad practice to purposely withhold this information and a buyer may have been happy to purchase your guitar if you had been open about the flaws, but may not trust you if they find that you have withheld that information. If possible, try to get the guitar fixed before selling it, providing that the cost of repairs are not too excessive. Some buyers may not be bothered about a little cosmetic damage, after all, they are choosing to buy a guitar second hand, and so a little honesty goes a long way.

Create a good quality advert

If possible, place several pictures of your guitar on the advert. Show the guitar from all angles and close up. Many buyers overlook adverts with poor quality images if there are other adverts of a higher quality. When a buyer cannot see what they are purchasing, there is an element of risk which generally puts people off making that commitment. Before taking photographs of your instrument, ensure that your guitar is looking its best. Give it a clean and polish and take the photos in a well-lit area that is free from clutter.

Make the most of free online advertising

Don’t focus all of your energy in one area. There are many websites which get high traffic volumes and allow you to post ads for free. Don’t forget about social media, post a link to your guitar on your Facebook and Twitter page in case any of your friends are interested. Find social media pages relevant to guitars and post a link to your ad on there.

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