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Top Tips for Selling Your Guitar

When selling a guitar, chances are, you want it to go to a good new home at the right price. Your guitar may have been with you for many years and you’re probably not keen to see it go, but you need the extra cash.

Gifts for Guitar Players

I know that the Christmas time is now over, but you may still be wondering what a suitable gift for a guitar fan is. I hope Morag can help you with this. Here are the top gifts for guitar players.

The Anatomy of the Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is one of the most popular instruments around with individuals of all ages aspiring to master it. When you go to purchase your first guitar though, and are presented with a myriad of choice, it helps to know your guitar anatomy.

How to Buy a Ukulele

Until recently, ukuleles were thought of mainly as toys or novelty instruments. Few people thought of them as instruments for real music making. Today, however, ukuleles are finally getting the respect they deserve.