guitar gifts

I know that the Christmas time is now over, but you may still be wondering what a suitable gift for a guitar fan is. I hope Morag can help you with this.

If someone close to you has recently learned to play the guitar, or thinks of themselves as something of a closet rock star, then indulge them for Christmas, birthday or other special occasions by thinking outside the box and getting a unique and individual present connected with their favorite hobby. Ditch the socks, hankies or gift vouchers and pick something that shows you’ve embraced their love of music and they will appreciate it far more.


Every aspiring rock star needs a wardrobe to match, and with a bit of thought it’s easy to find the ideal thing for your guitar playing recipient. Ask them about favorite bands, guitar players or albums and then go online to see if you can find a vintage or retro styled t-shirt to suit.

The internet has made buying from overseas far more easy, and it might be that a seller in Germany, Japan or the USA has that perfect item. Make sure you only shop from reputable websites and get a full description of the items so that you are not disappointed by poor quality print or fabric when your t-shirt arrives in the post.


Most people interested in playing the guitar or in music in general are regulars at all sorts of music gigs, and at around $40 plus per ticket, going to see gigs every weekend can be an expensive habit.

Get online or call the local venues to find out what events are going to be happening in the near future and buy tickets or vouchers which will allow the recipient to choose themselves what bands they want to see.

If there is a major gig or festival, get together as a group to pay for the entrance ticket, accommodation and transport so that the weekend is completely taken care of.


A new guitar can cost anything from $150 for a basic model to many thousands of dollars for custom-made guitars. If after browsing through the many Rickenbacker guitars for sale you decide that they are out of your price range, think about asking other friends and relatives to club together and donate money or vouchers towards a new guitar.

It is far better for a guitar enthusiast to get the one thing they really want than many little presents which they are not interested in. Also, bear in mind that after Christmas there may be unwanted gift Rickenbacker guitars for sale, so if there is a birthday in the early part of the year, wait to do shopping in January.


Everyone dreads the office Secret Santa, but if you’ve been matched with someone who is an avid music fan, you’ve a whole host of different things to choose from. Music download vouchers are available in all denominations, as if you have time to get onto websites like Ebay or Amazon, you can get items like socks, mouse mats or calendars personalized with your Secret Santa’s favorite style of guitar or band.

Just don’t be tempted by the musical socks playing Jingle Bells, as they will drive any die hard music fan demented!

Morag P writes on a wide range of topics including music, travel and technology.