Behind every successful rock star, there is a legendary guitar. Whether it’s rock, heavy metal, grunge or classic country, it is almost impossible to imagine any of these genres without the quintessential six strings. We all see, hear and read about famous guitarists, but what about those iconic guitars and guitar brands that backed them up all the while?


No doubt, it takes sheer talent to play the guitar like a pro, but after all, if it wasn’t for these amazing guitar brands, and some of their astonishing models, music wouldn’t have been as amazing as it is today.

There are many such celebrated guitar brands that have come up with some mind blowing guitars, each with their individual style and standing. This article is about a few such top guitar brands, their iconic guitar models and some legendary guitarists who endorsed them.


When it comes to top guitar brands, nothing comes close to a Gibson. After all, these guys have been making guitars for well over a hundred years! Known for their gorgeous bodies, excellent quality and signature sound, Gibson also happens to be the brand behind one of the most famous, desirable, costly and recognizable guitars of all time – the Les Paul.

Prominent names that strapped on a Les Paul include Jimmy Page, Slash, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley and Pete Townshend. Other popular Gibson models include the Explorer, SG, Flying V, Firebird and ES 175.


Fender is another excellent guitar brand that has also been around for many years and is arguably considered to be at par with Gibson. Fender’s first solid body electric guitar was the Telecaster, which is known to be the most commercially successful guitar ever manufactured.

However, Fender is most well known for giving birth to the Fender Stratocaster – perhaps the most famous electric guitar known to the history of music. The Fender Stratocaster was used by some legendary guitar gods such as Jimmy Hendrix, David Gilmour, Mark Knophler, Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore, and George Harrison, to name a few.


The third spot among the top guitar brands would probably go to the Japanese company, Ibanez. Initially, Ibanez started out by imitating other famous guitar brands and selling them for lesser and affordable prices. However, later on after many lawsuits Ibanez, finally started developing their own original guitars.

Their guitars are known to be versatile, good looking and affordable. Ibanez is also famous for iconic names like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert having their own signature models.


Though it was founded in the late 1800’s, Gretsch only started making guitars around the early 1900’s. Although they weren’t popular initially, they started getting more famous and recognized during the 50’s and 60’s, when legends like George Harrison and mainly Chet Atkins started endorsing it. Chet Atkins’ signature sold a lot of Gretsch guitars, which helped Gretsch gain momentum in the market. Other famous Gretsch models include The White Falcon with Bigsby, Duo Jet and The White Penguin.

These were four iconic brands that have produced some incredibly classic quality guitars that have changed the way we listen to music. What do you think about them? Also is there something else worth mentioning?

Serena Keller is a gifted guitarist and loves nothing more than to sit in a secluded place and play her guitar. She owns a Gibson guitar and feel it is the best guitar in the whole wide world. She truly believes that without music, life would be a huge mistake.