In the awesome world of heavy metal, Metallica is a household name. This American band hailed from Los Angeles, California and was formed in 1981. Metallica is famous for its aggressive music style. But you already know that, right?


If you’re a fan of heavy metal, there’s no doubt that you grew up listening to Metallica music. We all know what musical genius they are, but, is there any other interesting thing we should know about one of the best heavy metal bands of all time? Here are some fun facts about Metallica, enjoy reading!

– 1. –

The band started out when James Hetfield saw and responded to Lars Ulrich’s ads in the Recycler. Lars was looking for people to jam with. Metallica was formed in October 1981.

– 2. –

The shortest song that Metallica made was “Motorbreath,” it was 3:08 minutes long.

– 3. –

The longest song they made was “Suicide & Redemption,” it was 9:57 minutes long.

– 4. –

Metallica had 8 official members throughout the 30 years of being a band (James, Lars, Dave, Robert, Kirk, Ron, Cliff, Jason).

– 5. –

Dave Mustaine, the first official lead guitarist of the band, transferred to Megadeth in 1983.

– 6. –

Metallica has sold an estimated 100 million records around the world.

– 7. –

Metallica’s best-selling album is “The Black Album,” 1991. They sold over 15,000,000 records.

– 8. –

In 2008, when the album Death Magnetic was released, five of their songs became number one in the Billboards Top 200.

– 9. –

The total shows that Metallica has played in 30 years is 1,724. They have played in 60 countries.

– 10. –

Metallica has made 51 appearances in San Francisco, the most they have played in a city.

– 11. –

The most played song in Metallica’s live performances is Master of Puppets, it was played 1,256 times.

– 12. –

Germany is the country outside the U.S. that Metallica has played the most in, at exactly 104 concerts.

– 13. –

On April 2000, Metallica filed a lawsuit against Napster for distributing pirated music online. Eventually, Napster shut down.

– 14. –

How many Grammy awards does Metallica have? A whopping 14 awards.

– 15. –

Kirk Hammett took guitar lessons from Joe Satriani, a guitar expert.

– 16. –

Kirk is a vegetarian.

– 17. –

Cliff wasn’t buried but his ashes were spread in the bay area.

– 18. –

There is the Metallica Club formed in 1994. This is made especially for the fans of the band. The Metallica Club offers annual t-shirts, their own magazine called SoWhat!, backstage passes, free tickets and other Metallica merchandise.

– 19. –

When Lars and James met through an ad, they tried jamming together. James was very unimpressed as Lars’ cymbals kept falling. But after that brief meeting, Lars got a spot on the Metal Massacre album by Brian Slagel. This move attracted James back and from then on, the rest is history.

– 20. –

Kirk is married with no children. James is married with three children. Lars is married with one child.

– 21. –

Creeping Death is a tale about the Egyptian Plague.

– 22. –

James got caught on fire during a live performance on stage.

– 23. –

Amazing as it is, Metallica music is played in Afghanistan to repel the Taliban. And yes, it worked!

– 24. –

Metallica always starts their live performances with the song Ecstacy of Gold.

– 25. –

Spastic Children is a joke band the guys made. They made this just for pure fun. They’d switch up roles and play live on stage (while drinking).

– 26. –

Metallica moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles because Cliff, who lived in S.F. didn’t want to relocate.

– 27. –

If you’re a fan, you must have seen James’ skull ring and wolf pendant already. These things were originally owned by Cliff and were bought at The Great Frog.

– 28. –

James loved his band so much that he said he will always be in Metallica until he is mentally or physically unable to do so.

– 29. –

How did they come up with the name Metallica? Rob Quintana was thinking of different names for his fanzine. He asked for Lars’ help in brainstorming. When he mentioned Metallica, Lars suggested another name so he can use Metallica instead.

– 30. –

What makes James and Kirk different when it comes to guitar duties? James is the one responsible for the major guitar harmonies, rhythms and melodies in their songs. On the other hand, Kirk’s guitar prowess lies in making sure that the lead guitar introduces some additional (sharp) taste.

– 31. –

The Die Krupps has made a tribute CD to Metallica featuring nine songs. They are a German band but their musical approach was very different. They mostly used keyboards and electronic drums.

– 32. –

The guys love sports too. James likes the Raiders, Lars likes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 49ers and San Jose Sharks. Kirk, on the other hand, says he hates sports.

Did you learn anything new and interesting about your favorite band? Hope you did! Til’ next time!