Getting To Know The Top 10 Most Famous Guitars

A couple of weeks ago, conducted a survey on one of their forums to name the top 10 most iconic guitars ever.

Now the results are in, and I have to say that the set is truly impressive. Just to give you the shortened version, here is the complete lineup (feel free to visit the original thread for a complete description of each guitar):

1. Jimmy Page’s EDS-1275 Double Neck Gibson


2. Brian May’s Red Special


3. Edward Van Halen’s Frankenstrat


4. Jimi Hendrix’s Backwards Stratocaster


5. B.B. King’s ES-355 ‘Lucille’


6. Randy Rhoads’ Polka Dot V


7. David Gilmour’s Black Stratocaster


8. James Hetfield’s ‘EET FUK’ Explorer


9. Tony Iommi’s Gibson SG Special ‘Monkey’


10. Steve Vai’s Ibanez JEM


The only surprise for me is that Steve Vai’s guitar has come this late on the list. I’m sure it deserves a better place.

What’s your favorite guitar from the list above? Or maybe the survey has missed some iconic instruments that deserve to be placed on the list?

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