guitar tricksLike they say, “first impression lasts”. In this case, you may say it does.

Obviously, advertises good quality online guitar lessons. This cool website can actually offer you a new method and approach in learning to play guitar – as they call it: The Unique Guitar Tricks Learning Process. They have been designing this approach for more than 10 years of working with students who wanted to easily and swiftly learn guitar tricks. Since then, students have given their positive feedback that this was definitely an effective style of teaching guitar lessons. Thus, this gives a huge advantage for them and a good opportunity for you as well.

(By the way, I’m not compensated in any way for writing this review. I just enjoy what these guys are doing.)

So here’s the fact, you can actually sign-up for free on their website and get a limited view on the features they offer. 24 guitar video-lessons are available free of charge. The material is well explained and easy to understand. You can also see some interesting features such as: technique reference library, jam station, expanded faculty, expanded artist categories and community features – all this in limited display because again, it’s free.

Here’s the catch. You get full access to all of it as soon as you upgrade your account and agree to pay GuitarTricks $14.95 monthly. Everybody has to make a living. Business is business, no questions asked. But on the lighter note, they have a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not totally satisfied, just tell them and you will get your money back.

guitar tricks

Now, as soon as you decide what program to take, it’ll be easy for you to go your way around the website. You can easily understand which links to click if you want to read the tutorials. Or you can also watch some videos for free (in high definition). Their videos are fantastic for learning because aside from the fact that instructors explain the lesson clearly, there is also a feature that allows you to play on a “repeating loop” if there’s a portion of the lesson that you don’t get. Once again, if you avail the full access, you can definitely watch more than 3,000 lessons online. How cool is that?!

Who is it for? If you’re dedicated to learning how to play guitar and you appreciate the possibility of taking classes whenever you want to take them, and most importantly – you have 15 bucks to spend, then this might be the right place for you. Now the best thing. If you don’t have the $15 just go there anyway and sign up for a free account. So in that case, it’s the right place for you as well.

Finally, is it all worth it? Certainly, it is. Just like what Christopher Schlegel (one of the instructors at says – as long as you have a guitar, passion to learn and the dedication to put time into practice, the whole wide world of guitar is yours to enjoy! So it’s really worth a try if you are that person. Have fun!