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Why Is The Guitar The Most Popular Instrument

There are so many musical instruments out there, but it is the guitar that gets the most attention. And you have got to ask yourself, why is this? All instruments, if played well, sound brilliant. But yet, the guitar seems to take precedence.

Guitar Lessons For Kids: When To Start?

Broadening a child’s horizons by teaching them new skills and activities is a major part of parenting. However, parents can easily make the mistake of rushing the child to learn new skills that may not be age appropriate for them. So what about guitar playing?

5 Ways To Find The Best Guitar Lesson Teacher

When beginning guitar lessons, practice is everything, but learning from someone knowledgeable is important too. A guitar teacher shows you how to play and what to practice.

Learning the Basics of Guitar Theory

Unfortunately you can’t master the guitar without first mastering the theory! Here, we look at the basics including notes, tones and scales.

Getting to the Last 10% of Guitar Mastery

Here’s an interesting concept. I was first introduced to it by Seth Godin – one of the most famous marketers…

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