How awesome can a guitar be? I mean, is the Flying V design awesome enough? If, for some reason, it isn’t for you then consider these custom made guitars by a man called Tom Bingham, a 64-year-old retired printer and a guitar enthusiast.

(All images come from the official YouTube video visible at the bottom of the post.)


Here are some of his designs. The Millennium Falcon:


The some-other-Star-Wars guitar:


The one-more-Star-Wars guitar:


The double-header:


The cigar-box guitar:


This one has a built-in amplifier, a bottle opener, an alarm clock, a Zippo lighter, a cigarette case, a tuner, an a 12” cigar. Probably exactly what everyone needs in a standard guitar…

The only bad news for you if you’d like one of these guitars (or a custom project) is that Tom isn’t a guitar maker for hire… Or in his own words:

“I’m not tempted by any offers of money.”

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the future.

Here’s the video interview:

Do you know of any other cool guitar designs?