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How to Work With Guitar Recording Software

Today, I want to take things a bit more advanced and give you some tips on how to deal with guitar recording software and various problems that you might encounter. At the same time, I do realize that doing this via text only won’t probably be very useful. That’s why what I’m actually going to do is link to some cool videos.

Awesome, Work-of-Art Guitars Built by Just One Man

How awesome can a guitar be? I mean, is the Flying V design awesome enough? If, for some reason, it isn’t for you then consider these custom made guitars by a man called Tom Bingham, a 64-year-old retired printer and a guitar enthusiast.

Guitar Video of the Month – Usman Riaz and Preston Reed

I’m publishing a post in this series only when I stumble upon something really worthwhile. And that’s why today I invite you to take a look at a great performance by two acoustic guitarists – Usman Riaz and Preston Reed.

YouTube Guitar Video of the Month (January 2012) – Walk off the Earth

It’s almost the end of the week so let’s take it easy with one cool guitar video post. This thing…

YouTube Guitar Video of the Month (December 2011) – Ben Lapps

With the holiday season in full swing let’s take it easy this time and take a look at one really…

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