HummingbirdThe Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model is truly one of their most cherished guitars. Players of Gibson instruments wonder how the great Hummingbird is manufactured. Made in Nashville, Tennessee, it is made similar to their other models. To begin with, the wood is chosen as the first step of the manufacturing process. The top of the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird model is glued up into 2″ thick block, and most of the backs are solid. Machines put the front and backs together. Many tend to be surprised by the machine assembly of the guitars, however the Gibson Guitar Hummingbird and all other models have been built by machines for over 100 years.

The neck is constructed of up to three different parts. The pieces of the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird are laminated and cut. The wing blocks are added and the fingerboards are assembled. Most of the fingerboards on the Hummingbird are made of rosewood or ebony. The guitar is hand-fretted, like all other Gibson guitars. When everything is put together, the instrument is ready to be sold to a passionate guitarist.

Many musicians have loved the Gibson Guitars Hummingbird over the years. It is one that offers the signature Gibson sound and quality. Durability is one thing that draws artists to the Hummingbird. It’s not only a lovely instrument, but a piece of art as well. Speaking about piece of art… check out the Gibson Flying V 7-String.

It’s a little expensive though, which I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve visited the amazon link at the beginning of this post. If you’re just starting out you might want to check out some of the guitar equipment a beginner guitarist should own?