What Guitar Equipment a Beginner Electric Guitarist Should Own?

There’s a time when every beginner electric guitarist has to make some choices. One of the first things to decide upon is what equipment to buy.

Hopefully, there are basically only six kinds of things you should consider. Here they are:

1. Guitar (of course)

There’s a huge choice of electric guitars on the market. But what I always advice every beginner to do is to buy a classic kind of electric guitar – the Stratocaster. Here are two possible options.

When you’re on a budget: Squier by Fender

Squier by Fender BulletStrat w/Trem, Brown Sunburst

A more expensive guitar: Fender Standard Stratocaster

Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Midnight Wine Rosewood Fingerboard

2. Guitar amp

When it comes to amps you have to choose a well-known manufacturer if you want it to sound any good. That’s why I’m advising to go with either Fender or Marshall.

Choice #1: Fender (output 10 watts)

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

Choice #2: Fender (output 25 watts)

Fender Frontman 25R Electric Guitar Amplifier

Choice #3: Marshall (output 30 watts)

Marshall MG30FX Guitar Combo Amplifier – 10 Inch, 30 Watts

3. Guitar strap

A good strap is very important. I’m sure you don’t want your new and shiny guitar to fall to the floor and smash. It’s $11 well spent.

Planet Waves Polypropylene Planet Lock Guitar Strap, Black

4. Guitar cable

This one is a no-brainer. 10 feet of cable should be more than enough.

Pro Co SEG-10 Guitar / Instrument Cable 10 ft.

5. Gig bag / case

Here you have to decide. You either want a simple gig bag or a hardshell guitar case. The latter is, of course, more expensive, but more durable and safer as well. So it’s up to you.

Gig bag #1 (the cheapest one)

Musician’s Gear Electric Guitar Gig bag

Gig bag #2

Fender Gig Bag – Standard Electric Guitar

Case #1

SKB 66 Electric Guitar Case (Hardshell)

Case #2

Fender Accesories 099-6101-506 Electric Guitar Bag

6. Guitar picks

It’s best to buy a big pack of those at once, so you don’t run out after couple of weeks.

Pearloid Guitar Picks – 60 Assorted

That’s all for now. Or did I forget about something? Let me know in the comments.

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