40+ Outrageous Strange Guitars

And you thought your guitar was cool… Here’s a set of some really interesting and outrageous strange guitars.

Steampunk Guitar

steampunk guitar

Another Steampunk Guitar

steampunk guitar

Clinesmith Dobro Guitar

clinesmith dobro guitar

Gun Guitar

gun guitar

Transparent Guitar

transparent guitar

Another Transparent Guitar

transparent guitar

Pneumatic Guitar

pneumatic guitar

Coin Guitar

coin guitar


doraemon guitar

Steel Guitar

steel guitar

Bat Guitar

bat guitar

Wooden Guitars

wooden guitars

Double Header Guitar

double header guitar

Minimalistic Bass Guitar

minimalistic bass guitar

Cigar Box Guitars

cigar box guitars

Cigar Box Guitars #2

cigar box guitars

Recycle-style Guitars

recycle guitars

The Flying VW Guitar and The Toilet Guitar

vw and toilet guitars

I really wanted to give you more, but unfortunately not all photos have the license that enables me to use them.

But I can still share some links! So check these out:

But wait, there’s more!

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