There are so many musical instruments out there, but it is the guitar that gets the most attention. And you have got to ask yourself, why is this? All instruments, if played well, sound brilliant. But yet, the guitar seems to take precedence.

I believe the reason for that is the role models we see in bands and on the big screen. The true rock stars have all played guitar and they have cool and quirky images.

There are many different websites out there that can teach you to how to play and I guarantee, it is the guitar that is the most subscribed to.

It really goes down to image. People find the guitar attractive, both physically and on the ears, so it really makes sense.

This article will explain in more detail the three reasons why I believe the guitar is the most popular instrument and what you need to do to learn it.

Role Models

I believe the guitar to be the most popular of all the instruments because there are so many role models out there that are related to the instrument. Think of The Beatles for example, you immediately think of McCartney playing his guitar, then think of Jimi Hendrix, another legend that plays guitar.

The music industry is filled with people that play the guitar and they always tend to be the icons of their particular genre. Obviously, many other instruments are played and there are many talented drummers and piano players out there, but it is always the lead guitarist that gets all of the accolades and all of the women.

I appreciate that many of you reading this will think I am finding examples to fit my conclusion, and to a certain degree that is true, but the examples I have selected are pretty compelling, don’t you think?

It’s Cheap

One of the great benefits of learning to play the guitar is that as an instrument, they are cheap to buy and they are cheap to learn. There are so many different guitar brands out there that you have the freedom to decide how much you are willing to spend.

It is much simpler to buy a cheap guitar than it is to buy a cheap piano and that is reflective in the number of people that play both instruments. You can pay for a guitar tutorial at and that will cost you very little compared to the cost of a one-on-one lesson. The options are there with guitar and most of those options cost very little.

Favorite Bands

Everyone has a favorite band and most of those bands have a cool guitarist in them. This point is similar to the one I made before about role models, but it really does apply when discussing the popularity of the guitar.

Guitars are the most accessible instrument and in my opinion, the most cost effective too. And in the current economic situation, the most logical one to start playing.

Jamie Moors has written many articles over the years on a wide variety of topics. His industry experience stretches over 15 years and he is a full time writer.