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What Is a Cajón Drum?

Cajón is an interesting thing to know about when you’re jamming with your buddies and you’d like a cheap drum-like instrument that’s small and portable. Let’s take a look at it even though it’s not entirely related to the guitar family.

What Sort Of Wood Is Used For Making Guitars?

The guitar is one of our most familiar instruments and it’s probably fair to say that rock and pop music would not have developed in the same way without the guitar. Today, the classic guitar which we all love to strum on developed from ancient instruments like the lute and the sitar. But over time, the way guitars have been made and the types of woods used have changed.

How To Store Your Musical Instruments

Unfortunately, I couldn’t count on one hand the number of bands I know that have had their equipment stolen (mine included) whether from their van or their practice lockup. And every single time, it always feels like such an injustice when you have something stolen from you.

Give Your Passion For Music A Gear: Build A Home Recording Studio

So you’ve always been a Bryan Adams’ fan (or whoever else’s) and wondered why you don’t sound like him despite your capabilities? Well, here is your answer, YOU have the skill, and YOU have what it takes to be the next best musician. But what you don’t have is a home recording studio: engineering your amateur audio to a professional polish.