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How to Start a Garage Band

Having a garage band is the dream of many a young child who has a love for music and who wants to be a famous rock star one day. Kids of all ages spend time playing air guitar (mimicking strumming the strings and doing guitar player poses) or use their hairbrush as a microphone.

The 3 Most Famous Guitar Brands

Guitar is one of the most common instruments out there. This is both in terms of the number of brands making guitars as well as the amount of people choosing to learn to play with it. Selecting the best guitar brand has always been a heated conversation topic and there are guitar players out there who are really passionate about their favorite manufacturers.

The Anatomy of the Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is one of the most popular instruments around with individuals of all ages aspiring to master it. When you go to purchase your first guitar though, and are presented with a myriad of choice, it helps to know your guitar anatomy.