Learn Blues Guitar With These 5 Cool Licks

If you’re trying to learn blues guitar then you probably know that being able to play some cool licks can give you much joy and satisfaction.

Your journey as a guitarist is always about finding some new sounds, learning the basis, and then expanding them to bigger and better things.

What I want to show you today are 5 basic blues licks. You can learn them in no time, and then try to expand them into something even more interesting.

If you don’t know what a lick is then check out my other post: What is a Guitar Lick – a Simple Must-Know Definition Among Easy Guitar Lessons

OK, so here’s a quick video on the subject by Justin:

And another one:

Here are the licks:

Lick #1

Lick #2


Lick #4

Lick #5

The best way of practicing them is to print out the tabs, hit some blues background music, and do a one-person jam session for 15 minutes straight. After 4-5 times you should be fairly good at this… It’s not that hard.

Good luck, and tell me what you think in the comments.

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