When you buy your new guitar you’ll want to ensure that it is kept safe and sound, and the best way to do that is to purchase a decent quality guitar case from your local guitar shop. Even though, guitars are durable instruments they need to be taken care of from the bangs and bumps of the world and a good case is a necessity.

Dust, bumps, mishandling and scratches can cause physical and cosmetic damage to a guitar which will in turn make for issues. However, on the other hand purchasing a new case from a guitar shop can also be a little overwhelming – so, what should you look for?

What sort of Case

The first thing to do before you go to the guitar shop is to determine what sort of case you want and whether it is for heavier protection. You’ll need heavier protection if you go on flights, or take your guitar with you on buses. In this case a hard case is a necessity. If you just want to have a case to keep dust off the guitar at home then a soft case may suffice and do the protection job you are asking for. That is once it is kept away from bangs and bruises in a safe place.

Have a look at the model number of your guitar – not that you won’t know it already. It is often better to purchase a guitar case from the guitar shop that fits in with your guitar model. This is because it is made to fit that exact shape of guitar and increases the chances of protection.


Accessories also have to be taken into account when you are thinking of a case and you’d be surprised at how well a soft case performs as it has a range of extra room to carry strings and other such materials. Most of these cases have shoulder straps of one kind or another. This is perfect if you are bringing items from one area to another on your back.

Heavier Cases

Of course, these don’t offer that much protection and if you travel with your item then you will find that it will require more protection. In this case a flight case or heavier case is a necessity. They are often more expensive but are sealed – something often necessary for air travel as it tends to effect the pitch of the guitar.

Finally, have a good look around. Some companies will charge you more for the same item and some will offer great bargains. Make sure you pick your budget and stick to it. Research is key here and if you can’t find the sort of case you require for your budget, then you should maybe just look online or in papers for a second hand case. There are plenty about from people who have upgraded or stopped playing guitar and want to sell online.

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