Guitar Lessons: The Next Step Past Basics

If you have taken the initiative to learn the basics of guitar online such as the parts of your guitar, how to tune your guitar, and how to properly hold your guitar; you are ready to take the next step beyond basics.

For those who do not have the time or money to learn to play through physical lessons; online tutorials may be best for you. There are a variety of online resources that can assist you in learning to play the guitar.


Learning Guitar Counts

Just like any instrument, guitar music is read in counts. Learning the different chords for guitar is a major step of learning, but these chords cannot be put together to create a song without learning the counts first.

Online tutorials are available to give beginners a basic four count and how to incorporate these counts into their music. Without a rhythm, a guitar only makes sound, not music.

Where most beginners will focus on a different four-count beat, some songs require other counts such as eight counts. It may take more than one video tutorials to learn the entire list of guitar counts.

Learning Strumming Patterns

Learning the strumming patterns of a guitar is vital for beginners. The notes and chords are important, but it is the strumming pattern that creates the song. There is a variety of strumming patterns for the guitar and the counts are incorporated into the strumming. Online strumming pattern tutorials will assist you in putting your counts into motion, giving you a variety of strums to use for basic songs.

Strumming patterns combine the guitar counts into a variety of different up and down motions. You may want to use a video tutorial for learning strumming patterns because you don’t always strum on every count and these tutorials will also teach you how to emphasize on counts as well.

Practice Makes Perfect

When learning to play the guitar, especially online without the assistance of a tutor, it requires a lot of time and practice. It may feel like forever before you actually start playing, but learning to play properly takes time. For every new thing you learn, you want to give yourself time to practice.

Even though you haven’t learned any chords or notes yet, you may want to take some time to familiarize yourself with guitar beats and strumming patterns using open chords. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with the strumming patterns and beats, you are giving yourself time to become familiar with your instrument, learning to properly hold the pick, and familiarizing yourself with the particular sound of your guitar.

Online tutorials that teach the basic steps of learning guitar have many benefits compared to learning with a human teacher. Using online tutorials, you are working at your own pace. You can practice for as long as you need to achieve your own level of perfection without a deadline to prove your skills at the next lesson.

The other benefit of online tutorials is you can view the videos as many times as you need to understand the concepts of playing guitar.

Robert uses his years of musical knowledge and appreciates to educate people about the different instruments and the easiest resources to learn how to play them. He believes his love for music should be shared by the world, and that guitar tutorials are the best way to learn to play the guitar.

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