The guitar is an amazing instrument, and there are so many different genres of music you can play with it.

Now, if you are really passionate about jazz music then you might want to consider becoming a jazz guitarist. These five secrets below can make the learning process a little bit easier for you and help you reach the level of jazz guitar mastery you desire.

1. Get To Know Jazz

Jazz music is one of those genres of music that are more like a way of life rather than just a type of music. It is really important that you spend some time learning about the history of jazz before you get started.

It makes it easier to understand the tone and the flow of the music, and will make practicing much smoother.

2. Learn To Listen

When you are trying to learn to play the guitar, it is crucial to learn how to listen well. You need to improve your musical ear so that you can recognize notes when you are listening to a song. This will make your own playing a lot easier.

There are plenty of good books available that can teach you how to listen to music, as well as playing your guitar.

3. Have A Regular Routine

You should develop yourself a proper training routine. This will help you make your learning regular and help you progress in a steady manner. Pick times that suit you best and don’t worry about having to spend all of your free time playing the guitar.

Try to practice at least three times a week and play for around an hour and a half. It is a good idea to play for around 20 minutes and then have a ten minute break, and so on. This ensures you feel refreshed for the duration of your guitar training.

4. Take Proper Lessons

Technology has been a great boost for learning music. It is always quite tough to learn to play an instrument all on your own, but with the online lessons available, you can master any instrument from the comfort of your own home.

Check out options such as taking video jazz guitar lessons with These kind of high-quality video lessons can really help you understand the music and improve your technique quickly.

5. Understand The Lyrics

As already mentioned, jazz is much more than just a genre of music. There are some amazing jazz pieces out there and you really want to understand the feel of the song as well as you can. One of the best ways of doing it is to really understand the flow of the lyrics.

There are plenty of good lyrics sites online. For example, check out Blues For Peace for jazz song lyrics. Study the lyrics of the song you want to learn and you can quickly improve your skills.

Kerry Arnott is passionate about guitar music and she is especially into jazz. She loves to learn everything about the jazz culture and she is a big fan of the old jazz musicians. She is also big fan of cooking.

Head photo by jaimeoriz / CC BY 2.0