Educating our children about music and the joys it can bring is surely an important aspect of being a part of the community. Today, we’re featuring Claire to tell us exactly why music lessons are awesome!

With youngsters being so into everything digital or electronic, your third grader most probably has already watched YouTube videos featuring the Piano Guys, MysteryGuitarMan, or Lindsey Sterling. Because of this, they want their own instrument so that they can play awesome music too.

The question is – should you spend money on your child’s lessons as well as the instrument? You think, “but they are already struggling in school!” And you really do not want to add more things for them to figure out. So you’re leaning towards telling your child “no.” But before you do, consider the following benefits that music lessons offer.

1. Increases IQ

In 2006, a study claimed that music lessons could increase a child’s IQ. The longer that the child takes music lessons, the higher their IQ and the better the grades. This effect can be carried by the youngster all the way to college. After 6 years of music lessons as children, college freshmen will have two additional IQ points more than their classmates.

2. Boosts self-esteem

Accomplishing something as awesome as playing a guitar is bound to bring a bit of self-gratification. Achieving something difficult is always going to give your child self-worth. Plus, the other benefits of music lessons – discipline and higher grades – also help in improving their confidence and sense of worth. Playing a musical instrument is truly a good therapeutic technique that several programs often utilize.

3. Musicians are quick problem solvers

Those who are musically inclined tend to find solutions to problems much more quickly. One reason for this is that their knowledge about rhythm aids them in responding promptly to resolve issues more effectively. They also tend to be more creative and more able to think of unique solutions.

4. More likely to get into medical school

Music majors are more likely to get into med school than biochemistry majors. In a study, 66 percent of music majors were accepted into med school, while only 44 percent of biochemistry majors made the cut. It’s no wonder; those who were musically inclined had better grades and higher test scores.

5. Potential career, get scholarships, or become a pro

Musicians are also more likely to get scholarships, and music can enhance just about any career. As mentioned earlier, music majors are more likely to be accepted into med school than those who graduated with biochemistry degrees. The skills that are learned from music training can be utilized in every aspect of life. Your child may even decide to become a pro musician, and they could become the next YouTube sensation.

So let your child pick up an instrument – no matter what it might be – and watch as they grow and develop more confidence. Then, you’ll see that their grades will rise as well as their achievements. Then, you’ll not only have a well-balanced child, but you will also become a very proud parent.

Claire Smith, admits that the music lessons she had when she was a child have enormously helped her in life. She also blogs about how centers, like the Discovery Academy, help troubled kids through music therapy.