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6 Must-have Accessories Every Budding Guitarist Should Own

If you’ve been eternally fascinated with this stringed instrument, we don’t blame you. If you’ve finally taken up guitar lessons to join the large brigade of guitarists, we still don’t blame you. It is a beautiful art. And, every art has its tools that will aid you in becoming a master guitar player.

Guitar Tablature – the ‘Hows’ and ‘Whys’

Reading music and playing almost any musical instrument can be an immensely satisfying pastime. Whether one wants to become a professional musician, or are simply interested in pursuing an interest or a hobby, playing the guitar, for instance, can be an extremely rewarding way to spend time.

How To Read Guitar Tabs: Advanced Techniques

A while ago I gave you some advice about the basis of reading guitar tabs. Today it’s time to look…

How To Read Guitar Tabs: The Basis

Let’s just skip the boring intro and get straight to what you came here for, and that is how to…

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