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6 Must-have Accessories Every Budding Guitarist Should Own

If you’ve been eternally fascinated with this stringed instrument, we don’t blame you. If you’ve finally taken up guitar lessons to join the large brigade of guitarists, we still don’t blame you. It is a beautiful art. And, every art has its tools that will aid you in becoming a master guitar player.

Imagine Your Guitar NEVER Going Out of Tune

Doesn’t even sound real, does it? We’re all used to tuning our guitars every couple of songs we play. Or…

How to Adjust Intonation – Guitar Bridge Tuning Guide

We covered basic guitar tuning a while ago, but there’s a lot more to the topic than just that. Your…

Alternate Guitar Tunings – Open D Minor, Open C Minor, Dsus4, Whole Step Down

Among other series that have been going on here on this blog, there’s a small series on alternate guitar tunings….

Alternate Guitar Tunings – Opened Tunings – Open G, Open C, Open D

In one of my previous posts I described the basic dropped tunings: drop D, double drop D, and drop C…

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