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Five Ways You Can Promote Your Music Online As A Budding Musician

As a new or aspiring musician, the biggest challenge you will face is getting the word out. It’s easy for your mom, siblings and neighbors to support you but that’s not enough. To truly become a breakout musician, you need much more exposure than that.

How to Start a Band

A fun look at how to get started in a band with your friends.

What to Study if You Aspire to be a Professional Musician

I’m sure that this won’t be a surprise for you, but going pro with your guitar playing is never an easy thing (“pro” as in “making money through guitar playing”).

Want to Be Better at Guitar Playing? Practice at Fixed Hours

For most people, guitar playing is a hobby. And as a hobby, it’s rather difficult to put any time constraints on the whole thing. I mean, it’s all about enjoying your playing time, right? Not about forcing yourself to practice at some specific hours.

Getting to the Last 10% of Guitar Mastery

Here’s an interesting concept. I was first introduced to it by Seth Godin – one of the most famous marketers…

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