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The Blues Legend – B.B. King – The Profile

B.B. King loves blues and he is very well known for his exceptional skills in playing the guitar, songwriting and singing. Until today, B.B. King is still active in the music scene and his story is an inspiration for every single guitar (and blues) enthusiast out there.

The Wild One – Keith Richards – The Profile

You should know that the greatest guitarists didn’t become guitar legends overnight. They too had to practice to get better. Take inspiration from a guy named Keith Richards. Oh wait! You probably know him already. Yes, that famous guy from Rolling Stones, one of the best Rock & Roll bands ever! So, let’s get on with his story.

What Makes a Rock Star?

Platinum albums, adoring fans, endorsements, latest and most sought after music gear and merchandise, parties and concert tours – these do not make a rock star. You may think if someone has all these you can automatically call them a true rock star and music legend. But you couldn’t be further from the truth.