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“The Contemporary Folk Artist” – Richard Thompson – The Profile

Richard Thompson is one of the most outstanding musicians and guitarists today. He has had a long career and is still quite active until today. He has worked with different talents and has received several awards for his guitar skills. Let’s get to know this man and his story.

The “Elvis’ Guy” – James Burton – The Profile

Today, we will talk about the great guitarist James Burton. His early life, career, accomplishments and anything that has helped cement his name in Rock N’ Roll history.

“The Pact With the Devil” – Robert Johnson – The Profile

Robert Johnson, a great blues performer who only lived 27 years, yet, has managed to influence the world of blues music and inspire later generations of musicians. Let’s take a look at the short life he has lived and the legends that surround him.

Learn How Famous Guitarists Get Their Signature Sound

Before every kid gets his first guitar, he spends hours in the mirror perfecting his air guitar moves. But once you actually start playing, you quickly notice that simply strumming the same chords as your guitar heroes doesn’t necessarily produce the same sound.

Social Media Tips For Musicians

You may have taken considerable time to make sure your music and image are impeccable, but have you considered how to promote yourself?

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