Social Media Tips For Musicians

You may have taken considerable time to make sure your music and image are impeccable, but have you considered how to promote yourself?

Music promotion conjures up images of old school methods and traipsing around the smaller music scene. Things have changed hugely in the recent years, starting with MySpace. Some really successful artists have started their careers using social media to launch themselves, Lily Allen being a prime example.


In order to be a success in any business these days, it is really important to have an online presence on different social media platforms. You need to first create a website, this will give you your initial online presence, from which to create your social media profiles.

Here, we will list the best ways to exploit your social media to get a good following and develop a good fan base.

Create your profiles

This is an obvious first step but the platforms you choose are really important. You obviously need to sign up for the primary sites – Twitter and Facebook, but then it is also worth including Pinterest, YouTube and Vine. These can be used to share images and video from shows, or just of you or your band mates so people can relate to you. Also try to seek out some niche sites where there is a ready-made audience for your type of music.

Post Regularly

Once you have decided on the social media you wish to use, make sure you are active on them. This is the best thing to do on social media, it shows your audience that you are engaged and interested. Keep posts positive and upbeat, including upcoming events, releases and videos. The more you post, the more your audience will anticipate what you do and engage.

Post engaging content

If you are making efforts to post content regularly, make sure you are posting relevant content. The ultimate aim of social media is to encourage sharing and visits to your site where you can encourage sales. If you are connecting with your audience and posting things you genuinely think will interest them, they will pay you back in shares and likes.

Identify your audience

If you are able to picture your ideal audience then it will be easier to find things that are relevant to them. It is better to have fewer genuine engaged followers than hundreds of followers who are not engaged. A great way to do this is to find similar bands and find out where their traffic comes from, you can do this with a simple Google search. Find blogs that talk about those band sand try to also build a relationship with them.

Engage current fans

Trying to find new fans is important, but be sure not to forget about your current ones in the process. Reward them by offering incentives for spreading the word, which is the core of your whole social media campaign.

Continue social push in real life

This means getting the audience at gigs or events to engage in your social media as the event is happening. Ask fans to tweet and check-in at the venue, these types of posts are more engaging to people than traditional statuses.

These ideas should help you use social media to its full worth. It is all about immediacy and being up-to-date, which goes hand in hand with being a musician. Your releases and events are constantly changing. As long as you are relevant to your audience and remain up-to-date then you will be getting the full value from social media.

Graham Semark is a music producer with over 25 years experience in the music industry. He loves all things music and can walk you through each stage of your project. If you want more information check out

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