Oh, and I am not joking here. Ever since I was into music, and listening to Metallica in the evenings, I fell in love with the electric guitar and the innovation it brought.

Later on, as I got my first electric guitar, which I bought for something like $15, I started learning the craft and working on my skills, which also led me to getting familiar with some traits of the instrument itself along the way.

There truly are a lot of side things that a guitarist can get interested in, like amps, effects, hardware and equipment, even electronics and building your own gear.

(By the way, when it comes to building your own gear, you should really check out the list of 40+ outrageous guitars I published a while ago.)

But that’s only a part of the craze and just one of many sides to being a guitar maniac.

Anyway, if you need some specific reasons why the electric guitar is the best instrument ever, check this out:


Infographic by Encore Music Lessons.[clear]