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“Best Electric Blue Guitarist” – Stevie Ray Vaughan – The Profile

Stevie Ray Vaughan was undoubtedly one of the best guitarists of all time. It’s therefore about time that we get to know him better and his journey to becoming a guitar legend.

The 3 Most Famous Guitar Brands

Guitar is one of the most common instruments out there. This is both in terms of the number of brands making guitars as well as the amount of people choosing to learn to play with it. Selecting the best guitar brand has always been a heated conversation topic and there are guitar players out there who are really passionate about their favorite manufacturers.

Some Reasons Why Electric Guitar Is the Best Instrument Ever

Ever since I was into music, and listening to Metallica in the evenings, I fell in love with the electric guitar and the innovation it brought. And if you need some specific reasons why the electric guitar is the best instrument ever, check this out.

“The Contemporary Folk Artist” – Richard Thompson – The Profile

Richard Thompson is one of the most outstanding musicians and guitarists today. He has had a long career and is still quite active until today. He has worked with different talents and has received several awards for his guitar skills. Let’s get to know this man and his story.

The “Elvis’ Guy” – James Burton – The Profile

Today, we will talk about the great guitarist James Burton. His early life, career, accomplishments and anything that has helped cement his name in Rock N’ Roll history.

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