The fact that there are thousands of electric guitar videos on YouTube is no surprise. Not only there are videos of extraordinary artists performing, but also some instructional stuff, and that’s what we’re talking today.

Learning guitar is a field where visual tutorials come very handy. That’s because it’s difficult to explain some things by words only. What I have for you today is a set of electric guitar videos focusing on many aspects of the craft.

learn electric guitar videos

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Good Starters:

Getting to Know your Electric Guitar

Setting Up your Amp and Electric Guitar

Holding the Guitar Properly, Left Hand Finger Placement, Proper Right Hand Position and How to Hold a Pick

Song Keys and Differences

Straight Down Strumming and Alternating Strumming

More Strumming Rhythm Techniques

Simple Finger Exercises to Get You Started Part 1

Finger Exercises Part 2

Playing Techniques:



Hammer-on + Pull-Offs = Trills

Bending A Note

Intermediate Mode:

Using a Slide Lead Guitar Techniques

In-Depth Lesson on Scales

Mastering your Scales and Modes

Electric Guitar Lesson on Simple Soloing Techniques

Using Arpeggios in Solos

Advance Techniques:

Falling Legato

Advanced right hand tapping scales lesson ala Eddie Van Halen

2 Songs you might want to learn:

Play “Wonderwall” by Oasis

Play “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin

That’s it for this set. I hope you get a lot of value from these videos. Of course, feel free to shoot me a comment if you know of some nice videos on learning electric guitar.