Learning an instrument can be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience, but for many, it is difficult to find the time once work starts. More than that, finding time, while juggling your family and work life can prove an impossible task.


One to one lessons take time as they involve you leaving your house and venturing to the teacher’s shop or house to learn. I am not disputing the fact that it is a very good way to learn, but there is another option that I am going to make a case for and that is online tutoring. The beauty of learning online is the flexibility that comes with it. There are many sites out there that give you the opportunity to select your tutor and pick the time when you want to learn.

It is a brilliant new innovation and can give you the learning experience you need in a way that can coincide with your day to day life. This article will highlight the three benefits of learning to play online and the personality traits it takes to succeed.

Do your research

Learning to play an instrument is a great and really enjoyable thing to do. If you are going down the online tutor route, like I am suggesting, then you have certainly got to do your research online. There are many sites out there now and a lot of them offer a similar service.

It is vitally important that you search for the most cost-effective method that suits your lifestyle. Some online programs make you watch videos as you pay for them and others offer you the chance to download the videos and watch them later. Either will suit different people.

Companies such as Pro Music Tutor offer a great service. They allow for the greatest level of flexibility while having high class online tutors. Check their website and see if they offer the instrument that you are thinking of starting (which is probably the guitar, since you’re here).

Furthermore, to find even more resources, check review websites and find what is the best for a beginner. As you improve, you can then expand the method and the range of your studying.

Have a plan and targets

It is important to have targets (or goals). If you want to learn 10 songs by heart on guitar by Christmas then make it your target. Small targets are often better and help the learning process as our brains work much more efficiently with short-term goals. Have an ambitious long-term target though; this will make the short term learning feel like it has a purpose.

Ensure your targets are flexible. If you don’t get any chance to play for a couple of weeks then don’t get discouraged but get back on track as soon as possible.

Be disciplined

Give yourself set hours each week, this will ensure that you have a certain goal to achieve. Anything over and above the initial hours is a bonus. Say you have some time off or your wife is working late, you can play some more and refine your skill.

Andrew is an author who loves indie music. He has over 5 years industry experience and he loves to write about it.