guitar-hammer-onIf you’ve been a guitarist for more than one month I’m sure you’ve heard of the big pair: hammer-ons and pull-offs. I covered pull-offs in my last post, so now it’s time for hammer-ons. As a matter of fact they are easier to perform than pull-offs (don’t get in love with difficulty). I don’t really know why I didn’t cover them first… Anyways.

What’s a hammer-on?

A hammer-on is a technique which allows you to play two or more notes with just one pluck. Similar to pull-offs, only this time you’re doing it the other way around. Meaning, you’re playing a note that’s lower in pitch first and then another one that’s higher in pitch. With pull-offs you’re going the other direction.

How to perform a hammer-on?

This one is relatively easy and shouldn’t take you long to master. First, hold down any given string on one fret and proceed as follows:

1. Strum the string with your plucking hand.

2. Quickly hammer down (fret) the same string on a higher fret. This should make a clearly audible sound.

You might have to give it several tries before you get a clean sound. So keep practicing because this technique is essential to every guitarist.

Now hot to recognize hammer-ons on tablature.

Hammer-ons are usually indicated by something like this:


The letter “h” between 5 and 7 means that you need to perform a hammer-on on these two frets. In this particular example you start by strumming the B string while holding it down on the 5th fret and then quickly hammer it down on the 7th fret.

Important! Remember, one pluck, two notes.

Playing a series of hammer-ons

We’ve already covered a similar thing while discussing pull-offs, but this time it’s even easier and more fun to play. Check it out:


Three notes with just one pluck. To play this thing properly you need to press down the B string on the 5th fret. Strum the string. Hammer-on the string on the 7th fret. Immediately afterwards hammer-on the string on the 9th fret.

Let me tell you, once you master both hammer-ons and pull-offs you’ll be able to play some really fast and impressive solos. The ultimate girl-magnet (pay attention guys!)

Advanced exercises

Try to go through various guitar scales and play them using only hammer-ons while going up the scale.

Video tutorials

Now a set of helpful video tutorials.

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