The A pentatonic blues guitar scale is our second to last and 6th lesson on pentatonic blues scales. I really hope you’ve been learning all of the previous ones as we go along.

Anyway, once again, the root note for this scale is A. And the blue note is D#.

You begin playing the open A string and work your way up to the last A note on the 2nd fret of the G3 string. Quite easy to do because you get to play two more open strings apart from the root A sound.

Here’s the figure to guide you:

A Pentatonic Blues Scale 1

And here’s the tab as well:

A Pentatonic Blues Scale 1 tab

I’m pretty positive that you nailed this one. Now let’s proceed to the next pattern. This time, it’s a little more challenging one.

You begin playing the A note on the 5th fret of the E6 string and progress you way up to the last A note which is also on the 5th fret but this time on the E1 string. So it’s an A that’s two octaves higher.

This is a very popular pattern when it comes to blues scales. Really worth mastering.

Here’s the pattern:

A Pentatonic Blues Scale 2

The tab:

A Pentatonic Blues Scale 2 tab

That was really not that hard and I’m confident that you nailed it as well. Anyway, keep practicing and stay positive.

If you want to learn more you can visit and get the full pattern for the A pentatonic blues scale (click here).