The A major guitar scale is yet another one every guitarist should master. In a sentence, being familiar with various guitar scales simply makes you a better musician. It feels great when you can actually improvise some cool sounds during a jam session. Mastering guitar scales is step #1 to make it happen.

The standard pattern of the A major scale has been presented on the image below. A sounds are hit on three different occasions. As you can see the first string (E) is not in use this time.

A major scale v1

Here’s the tab for little additional help:

A major scale v1 tab

Now a more interesting pattern. One that can be moved up and down the fretboard more easily making it a nice exercise. Check it out:

A major scale v2

The tab:

A major scale v2 tab

That’s not all. Here’s a video tutorial on yet another A major guitar scale pattern. This one is equally good for exercising as the one presented above:

If you want to learn more you can visit and get the full pattern for the A major scale (click here).

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