Are you in a guitar buying mood? If so, I have a quick advice for you … actually 10 quick pieces of advice.

Buying a new guitar is not that difficult as long as you follow some basic principles.

That’s why today I want to give you some ideas of my own. Feel free to use them while at a music store or before even leaving your home.

1. Decide on the type of guitar you want to buy

I know that this sounds really basic, but it’s also where your shopping starts. Before all else you need to know what guitar you’re searching for. Is it an electric, an acoustic, a bass guitar, or a classical guitar?

2. Decide on your budget

Once you go to the music store things can get tense. The salesman will try to show you some expensive stuff and you will start having second thoughts about your budget.

That’s why you should set your budget before ever leaving your home, and then be firm when the salesman tries to show you something more expensive.

3. Pick the perfect size and shape

Guitars come in different sizes and shapes (especially if we’re talking electric guitars).

Some guitars will inevitably feel awkward due to their construction. When it comes to acoustic and classical guitars they should feel really comfortable when you play them.

With electric guitars, however, this is not important. Well, it is, but you always have to weigh this against how awesome you want your guitar to look, so it’s always a compromise between the looks and comfort.

4. Bring a friend with you

It’s always better to have some other person on your side when in a music store. Preferably, this friend should be a guitarist too.

Two opinions are always better than one, especially if you’re friend is not looking for a new guitar at the moment.

5. Play the guitar

This sounds obvious because no one will ever forget to do it. However, you should focus on a couple of important things here.

First of all, make sure that the neck is straight when you look down from the bridge. Secondly, check if you can get the guitar to tune in every position.

Next, play different scales in different positions to make sure that the guitar sounds good in its whole range of notes.

If you’re testing an electric, use at least two different amps and compare what you hear.

6. Play 2 more guitars

Take two more guitars that are similar to the one you’re testing at the moment and compare the way they sound. You’ll never know how good a guitar actually sounds if you don’t compare it with others.

7. Don’t get fooled

The salesman will most likely try to sell you on a deal of some kind. Saying that something usually costs $1000 but today you can get it for $800, and such…

Remember that you’re shopping for value not for a deal. No matter what happens make a conscious decision.

8. Go home

You don’t have to buy a new guitar at your first trip to the store…

Going home at this point can actually bring a lot better results. That way you can cool off and then make a decision cold-minded.

9. Go online

Chances are that the guitar you want to buy will also be available online. With some luck, it should be cheaper than in the store.

Also, look for customer reviews and other opinions from other guitarists. Some guitars show their real face over time, so it’s always good to get an opinion from someone who’s been using the instrument for a while.

If you’re determined enough you can try buying it online. But make sure to do business with respected sellers only. And check how the shipping is done. Remember that musical instruments are fragile and require specific treatment during shipping.

10. Buy!

This is the moment. Nothing else to do now, if you like the guitar, just make the move and buy it!

What’s your story, are you planning to buy a new guitar in the near future?